Crystal of the Month – Red Jasper

Jaspers are a varied group of stones. They occur in many different colours due to different balances of minerals combined with microcrystalline quartz. They are often slightly dappled in appearance because of the tiny quartz crystals inside their structure with beautiful variation of specks and stripes.

Red Jasper is coloured by iron oxide and is found in massive natural formations. The colour is really emphasized when its polished. As far back as Roman times, jasper was used in mosaics as well as stone cladding for the insides of buildings. It has also been combined with marble to make spectacular stone floors.

Healing uses of red jasper concentrate on the raising of energies, increasing the ability to cope with pressures. It is seen as a strengthening, life enhancing stone. It also enhances the root chakra, creating a connection with the earth. It is very soothing used in a crystal bath to support the system if energy is low.

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Choosing Gifts for the Spiritual Minded

Choosing Christmas gifts can be a hard enough task as it is, but what if the person you are buying for is of a more spiritual nature. They may be a practicing wiccan or pagan. They may believe in the psychic world and enjoy submerging themselves in the paranormal or spiritual healing. I can say from experience that it is very hard to find inspiration for these types of gifts on the high street. Help is at hand. Here are a few simple ideas to make sure your spiritual friends face lights up when your present is unwrapped.

Numerology Reading: Why not get your friend a personalised numerology reading. These can be purchased online simply by submitting a few details such as date / place of birth.

Crystal Gifts: Crystals can make a wonderful gift for any friend or family member. Crystal gift sets come nicely boxed and include 4 or 5 crystals that have been put together to for a specific purpose, instructions and a velvet pouch to keep them in. They can be used for almost anything. Some examples are dieting crystals, safe travel sets, mum to be sets and wealth and protection or healing crystals.

Book in a box: These boxed gift sets are great for people starting out on their spiritual path. They include a wide range of topics. Whether you are looking for a gift on the subject of Tarot, Astrology, Meditation, Runes reading, Spiritual healing, Dreams or Pendulums these little gift sets have it all. They usually include a book or instructions and the tool specific to the theme of the box i.e.: Tarot cards / Aromatherapy oils / Crystals.

Jewellery with meaning: Charms and pendants can make an ideal and inexpensive gift compared to traditional jewellery. There are many varieties available. Gemstone pendants, magical pentagrams, Celtic charms or reiki living symbols, we are sure you will be able to find the perfect pendant.

Music and CD’s: Many spiritual people practice meditation. It’s a great idea to buy someone music they can meditate to. There is an endless selection of meditation music or natural sounds CD’s to choose from.

Journals or blank Book of Shadows is a must for anyone interested in spell casting. They can record all their spells, and think of you every time!

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