Red Jasper

Crystal of the Month – Red Jasper

Jaspers are a varied group of stones. They occur in many different colours due to different balances of minerals combined with microcrystalline quartz. They are often slightly dappled in appearance because of the tiny quartz crystals inside their structure with beautiful variation of specks and stripes.

Red Jasper is coloured by iron oxide and is found in massive natural formations. The colour is really emphasized when its polished. As far back as Roman times, jasper was used in mosaics as well as stone cladding for the insides of buildings. It has also been combined with marble to make spectacular stone floors.

Healing uses of red jasper concentrate on the raising of energies, increasing the ability to cope with pressures. It is seen as a strengthening, life enhancing stone. It also enhances the root chakra, creating a connection with the earth. It is very soothing used in a crystal bath to support the system if energy is low.

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