Astral Travel

Astral Travel and Astral Projection

The astral body is believed to be capable of a very special type of travel. While leaving the physical body at rest, it can get up, walk around and look at psychical body, explore its surroundings and journey to new places.

What makes this experience unique is that you are fully conscious and in control throughout the experience. This process of consciously leaving the body and travelling free of physical constraints is often referred to as astral projection and astral travel.

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, experts define astral projection as becoming aware that your consciousness is separate from your physical body. For instance, people describe floating above themselves and viewing their bodies during astral projection, with astral travel an individual uses this conscious awareness to experience a sense of flying to new non physical or physical realms.

How the mind disconnects from its everyday type of consciousness and separates from the body remains a mystery. Experts agree that having a relaxed focus such as in meditation or when you are just about to fall asleep helps you to reach that stats. As concentrating too hard on achieving the experience may interfere with the process.

Getting started with astral travel

Like any skill astral travel takes time and practice, and it is difficult to prove what actually happens, but those experienced in astral travel tell fascinating stories of their experiences.

Some travel to secret realms where they meat spirit guides and spend hours researching ancient texts. When they wake up their clocks show that only a few minutes have past. In all likelihood most of us will not be able to accomplish these feats.

Here is an exercise that can help you get started on the astral travellers path.

  • While relaxing imagine your astral body positioned just above you in the exact position of your physical body.
  • Take note of how your astral body looks, check out the back of your head and body and parts of your body you can’t normally see.
  • Allow your consciousness to move into your astral body and look at your surroundings from this new perspective.
  • Ponder what you would like to do next and where you would like to go. You may want to visit a place or person that is normally far away through a process called targeting. This can be done by focusing on the image of the location or the persons face. Then seeing it at the end of a tunnel. Move forward through the tunnel until you arrive at the desired place or the intended person.
  • When you are ready to return think yourself back into your psychical body and move your body until you feel comfortable back in it.